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Real Estate Investment Trusts are the ideal vehicle for real estate investors with small to medium capital requirements wishing to have the investing in real estate without the headache of owning real estate and yet with the savviness and advantages of real estate Moguls.

REITs are treated just like shares in any public company or shares in a mutual fund but closer to hedge fund when it comes to the closed investing opportunity and the tighter management of the funds in this type of investment vehicle, REITs are closed to a specific number of investors and a specific total of capitalization. REITs are strictly regulated to invest in real estate only investments. Royal Investment Group offers income as well as growth REITs.

Royal Investment Group hosts a variety of REIT products. with many REITs requiring minimum investments of $250,000 or more, RIG also has REIT products for the small investor with $10,000 / $50,000 / $100,000 and $1000,000 Investment minimums.

Bottom line to keep in mind, REITs will provide investors with amongst the highest returns of all investments products in a liquid investment and with the least volatile and lowest risk investment all across the investment banking industry.

Small growth and income REITs are currently open for investments in growth and income real estate portfolios, investments are estimated to close on March 15th as a tentative date.

REIT products available.

Growth and income REIT – Medium growth / 14% growth and 12% CAP average past three years. Growth REIT – Aggressive growth – 24% growth average past three years. Pure income REIT – mainly income – 16% income average past three years.

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