Advanced Health Care, LLC is a Multi Faceted Multi specialty Health care Provider with a growing number of locations in South and Central Florida.
AHC operates numerous specialties with some of the same Doctors often rotating locations and at times working full time in the same location, currently and in the past, AHC had acquired wholly and major stakes in practices carrying different names and plans on unifying the names at the expiry of the contracts limiting name changes.
AHC is undergoing the big change to transform from the Urgent care only model past the urgent care / family medicine / pediatric into a plethora of care specialties advancing even into some of the yet to be covered-by-insurance medical advances in an effort to lead the way for better patient care into the twenty first century.
AHC has recently signed contracts with partners to help expand into 30 new locations within the borders of the state of Florida over the next 3 years starting in 2019.
Advanced Health Home Care, LLC is a sister company of AHC, AHHC is a group that specializes in care for the elderly.
AHHC services range from the home health care through aides, nurses and various health care providers caring for patients in their homes to independent living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities.
AHC and its sister company AHHC got their most recent round of Funding through their institutional backed investors backbone to cover the expansion for the next three years across the East Coast.

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