Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fund my account?

Your account can be funded in several ways as noted below:
By check
By incoming Fed wire
Account Transfer

Incoming Fed Wire

Wire funds as follows
Bank name
Account #
Name & Account
Please contact Royal Investment Group operations for further instructions

Unacceptable Deposits

Coin or currency
Foreign instruments
Money orders
Domestic drafts
Checks that have been double endorsed (checks with more than one signature on the back)
Checks from minors
Stale-dated checks (over three-months old)
Post dated checks
Any checks from federal, state or local government entities
Travelers checks
Credit-card checks
Cashier’s Checks

Availability Funds

When you deposit funds into your account, these funds are immediately available for use in effecting a transaction; however, these funds cannot be withdrawn for a period of ten business days. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for more information relating to returned checks and the associated charges. Please note that your account number should always be noted on any submission of funds to Royal Investment Group. If this information is omitted, there could be a delay in processing your deposit.

Withdrawing Funds to your Account

Please contact your Account Executive or any member of their team to make a request to have funds sent to you by check. If your need is more urgent, requiring funds to be wired, you must submit this request in writing signed by all parties on the account.

Your Request must contain the following

Bank name and address
Bank ABA#
Account name where funds are being
wired to (this must correspond with your account)
Account #
Amount to be wired